* Way Out to Hope Street (with Alasdair Fraser’s Skyedance Band) original choreography

* To fiddling of Jerry Holland, original choreography

* Highland Jig (with Highland Soles, dance starts at 2:00)

* Sailor’s Hornpipe (with Fiddle Club)

* Sailor’s Hornpipe (with Ed Pearlman and Mark Murray)

* Bonnie at Morn (with Ed Pearlman and Tony Cuffe) original choreography

* Improv dance to Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas (dance starts at 2:20)

* Sandy’s New Chanter (with Ed Pearlman and Tony Cuffe; dance at 2:20) original choreography


    * Movement for 4- and 5-year-olds

    * Highland Dance, all levels

    * Cape Breton Stepdance

    * Scottish Social Dances

    * Dance Camp  

Laura Scott has been performing and teaching Highland Dance since the 1960s, and has pushed the envelope of her dancing by incorporating Cape Breton stepdance, Highland hardshoe, and improvisation into her choreographies.  In addition to working with Ed Pearlman and Highland Soles, Laura has danced for performances by Alasdair Fraser, Natalie MacMaster, Jerry Holland, Tony Cuffe, Aly Bain, Battlefield Band, Joe Cormier, and many others.  She is a life member of BATD and served on the SOBHD Judges Panel for 30 years.  She has taught many students, including at camps such as Pinewoods, Gaelic Roots, and her own summer camp.

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Selected Appearances by Laura Scott

* Performances at Festivals:  NH Highland Games, Maine Highland Games, Boston Celtic Festival at the Hatch Shell, Dallas Folk Festival, Boston Celtic Music Fest, Maxville Highland Games

* Concert Performances:  Edinburgh Folk Club (Scotland), Somerville Theater (Boston area), Sanders Theater (Boston area), Hooker-Dunham (VT), International House (New York City), 19th Century Club (Chicago area), Folk Song Society of Washington DC, Huntington Folk Club (Long Island), Statue of Liberty

* Performances with Musicians and Bands:  Ed Pearlman/Highland Soles, Tony Cuffe, Alasdair Fraser, Joe Cormier, Battlefield Band, Natalie MacMaster, Buddy MacMaster, Martin Hayes, Charlie McKerron, Jerry Holland, Iain MacFarlane, Seamus Connolly, Ray Scott, Paddy Keenan

*Teaching at Camps:  Pinewoods, Gaelic Roots, Ashokan, Valley of the Moon

* Donostia (with Alasdair Fraser’s Skyedance Band) original choreography

* Traditional Sword Dance (with Ed Pearlman and Tony Cuffe)

* Tail Toddle (with Tony Cuffe and Ed Pearlman) original choreography

* Ha’ Ca’ Thru (with Tony Cuffe and Ed Pearlman) original choreography

* To fiddling of Charlie McKerron (of Capercaillie) original choreography

* Laura Scott Dancers (Highland Folk, Highland, Cape Breton step, Western Isles folk, with Iain MacFarlane, Wendy MacIsaac, and Fiddle Club)



Laura Scott - Dance Camp